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  • Input Voltage: 230Vac 50Hz(typical) 180Vac 50Hz(Min) 260Vac 50Hz(Max)
  • Output Current: 2A/4A/6A/8A/10A/12A
  • Charging Cut-off Voltage: 14.5V(for VRLA Mode), 16V (for FLOODED Mode)
  • Charger type: 5-stage, fully automatic
  • Display Type: Digital display with charging % bar graph
  • Battery capacity: Suitable for Motorcycle, car & inverter batteries for charging
  • Charging Current: 12Ampere (Max) @ typical Input voltage.
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This product is designed for charging for open as well as a wide range of closed 12 v Maintenance-free lead acid batteries (VRLA), lead-acid batteries (ACID), and Electrolyte absorbent mats batteries (AGM). The unique design permits re-charging up to virtually 100% of battery capacity. The charger features a total of 5 charging modes. This makes charging more efficient and reliable. The battery charger is controlled by an internal MCU (micro-computer unit.)

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