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This product is designed for charging for open as well as a wide range of closed 12 v
Maintenance -free lead acid baeries(VRLA), lead-acid baeries(ACID) ,Electrolyte
absorbent mats baeries(AGM).
The special design permits re-charging up to virtually 100% of baery capacity. The
charger features a total of 5 charging modes. This makes charging more efficient and
The battery charger is controlled by an internal MCU (micro-computer unit.)


Safety Instructions


Before use





If the connection is right then the charger will start initialization process. The charger will recognize the battery connected and compute the necessary charging parameters. This allow for efficient and safe charge.

This is an automatic charge function which cannot be selected manually. If the battery is in deep discharge condition, the unit changes over to pulse charge.

This is an automatic charge function which is next stage of PULS mode. This process will recover battery capacity by applying a specialized high voltage to so en down sulfate from the battery plates.

The battery is recognized to be defective if the if the battery voltage is still below specified voltage a er pul5 and regn mode completion.

This symbol appear if any one of the following condition true

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