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battery capacity calculation formula

Battery Capacity Tester

  • This tester capable of discharging a constant current ranging from 2A to 50A.
  • This tester can display the exact Ah capacity of a battery based on C10 or C20 discharge rating.
  • It may also display a discharge curve graphically in an android application.
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What is a battery’s capacity? In a nutshell, battery capacity is a measure of the energy it can store. When you test for capacity, you’re looking at the battery’s ability to deliver a specified amount of current at a constant rate to a specified end voltage for a specified time. We determine capacity by filling the battery with energy and then seeing how long it takes to empty that energy.


  • Discharging current range: 2 A to 50 A settable
  • Cut off voltage: 09.50 volt to 11.50volt settable
  • size: (H)160MM X (W)180MM X (D)280MM
  • Remotely operate this device using Android application.

Safety instructions

  • Connect battery with proper
  • Do not test discharged
  • Make sure test completed before disconnecting
  • Do not block ventilation area of the machine during
  • If any difficulty during test then take advice from trained person or watch demo videos available on you
  • keep this machine away from
  • for service please call company authorized


Before use

  • Read the battery operating instructions before connecting up the
  • make sure battery is fully charged before
  • Clean the battery Take care that while doing so, your eyes do not come into contact with dirt.
  • Ensure sufficient


  • Connect the positive Lug(Red wire) of the tester to positive pole of the
  • Connect the negative Lug(Black wire) to the tester to negative pole of the




  • This is a battery voltage level, up to which the battery is
  • To know the exact battery capacity, normally this voltage should be 2v To 10.5v



  • This is a constant current at which the battery is
  • To know the exact battery capacity, this current should be set accordingly, To rating mentioned on battery (c10, c20, c5).


  • This is a user-selectable test duration, for which the test is
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